Top 10 Benefits Steam Cleaning

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Steam cleaning not only says farewell to the old mop and heavy bucket filled with grimy water, it sanitizes, improves air quality, and offers many other benefits.

While there are numerous benefits of steam cleaning, there are top 10 reasons to use this method of disinfecting.

Steam Cleaning Remains A Safe Alternative

During past decades, bleach seemed to be the only guaranteed way to kill bacteria in a home. Even the potent odor didn’t discourage housekeepers from utilizing this toxic solution until various studies showed its harmful results. Children and pets became sick from frequent exposure to household chemicals.

Some youngsters with allergies or asthma suffered from increasing symptoms after inhaling fumes on a consistent basis.

Steam cleaning now offers the only procedure that’s proved to completely get rid of bacteria while not emitting harmful chemicals into the air. This method actually improves air quality by removing dust and allergens that are invisible to the human eye.

Since the only necessary cleansing requirement is water, expenses are extremely low with no solutions needing to be purchased.

Steam cleaning is the chemical free solution for sanitizing grimy kitchen floors, filthy bathrooms and dirty foyers. Chemicals don’t enter the air and children and pets can breathe easily after steam cleaning hard surface floors.

As floors and other surfaces are disinfected, residues aren’t left behind. Some cleaners and methods emit toxic residues that can actually cause new stains.

Over time, these residues are exposed to the air and turn yellow, displaying nasty stains. Steam cleaning avoids this unsightly result by only utilizing water and only leaving a clean smell behind.

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Healthy Way To Disinfect

Everyone lets out a huge, involuntary sigh at just the mention of cleaning the refrigerator, oven or other kitchen appliances. While this is a necessary task to keep a home clean and healthy, it is a dreaded one.

No one looks forward to hours of removing all the items from a refrigerator, not to mention the drawers and shelves, and then scrubbing nasty spills.

The condiment compartment alone can take a half-hour because of leaky bottles and cold temperatures.

Because the cold air sucks moisture from the spills, they condense, harden and become virtually impossible to get off of the refrigerator. Using a hand held steamer is the best alternative to quickly tackle this exhausting job.

Many floor steamers convert to a hand held unit with a few clicks. This compact machine bursts out vapors that disinfect appliances from ground in food and odors.

Even the sticky jelly and burnt cheese on the bottom of the oven prove no match for the hand held steamer.

Because it disinfects so thoroughly, a hand held steamer also benefits the health of a family.

By getting rid of crumbs and food particles, an individual increases the chance of staying healthy. As old germs disappear from a home, the sicknesses and allergies follow.

Steam Cleaning is Versatile in Nature

Since most machines convert to a hand held steamer, this one product replaces many items in a home. Only one unit is needed to clean floors, windows, mattresses, curtains, tile grout, grimy countertops, appliances, showers and virtually every hard surface in a home.

The hand held steamer even removes wrinkles from clothing with the garment attachment included with most units.

Bills from professional garment cleaners can vanish and an individual can have their wardrobe work ready at their convenience in their own home.

A hand held steamer also removes wallpaper with ease and loosens grimy build up in showers, toilets and sinks. No harsh chemicals are needed.

Simply add tap water to the unit to have a grime fighting machine ready to do battle. Bathrooms will sparkle and shine again within no time.

Environmentally Friendly

Helping the environment stay pure is yet another benefit of steam cleaning. Because toxic chemicals and fumes aren’t released into the air, steam cleaning actually increases air quality and contributes to better surroundings.

Just by using this method of sanitizing, people can help their children’s world become a better place to live.

If a unit functions as a hand held steamer also, it improves the environment by omitting traditional chemicals used on garments and wardrobes.

The main chemical used in this traditional process, Perchloroethylene, has been named as a possible carcinogen by the Association on Research for Cancer. This chemical can spread through many parts of the environment, including plants, marine life and water supplies.

By using a hand held steamer instead, people help decrease the amounts of this chemical in the environment.