Three Effective Self-Defence Accessories for Men and Women


Despite growing violence in India, only a fraction of people carry safety tools to defend against aggressors.

The sorry state of affairs in our country, especially in the cities, has flooded the market with safety tools like pepper spray and other such devices. These safety tools can be your best friend when you happen to meet an unfortunate or uncalled situation and can provide a sense of security. It would be wrong to say that only women are victims of crimes. The incidences of crime are no more restricted to women, in fact men also fall prey to offenders. Let’s throw light on a few safety devices that are must to carry while you’re out.

Pepper spray: Sadly we reside in a country where eve-teasing and stalking is not considered crime and this has obviously worsened the situation for women. Carrying a self-protection spray therefore becomes all the more necessary. You can go for customised pepper sprays designed for women that could easily fit into your bag. They have been proven effective in disabling any assaulter and can cause temporary blindness so you can escape unsafe circumstances. To keep the spray in disguise, lipstick designed sprays are quite in vogue for safety purposes.

Stun Torch: This device comes equipped with LED flashlight and hidden electricity. It acts as good personal protection equipment for its ability to shake your attacker with electric shock, high voltage AC discharge.

Personal Safety Alarm:  These keychain and safety alarms help in draw attention to any crisis. This is a perfect self defence for women, children, men, and senior citizen. Safety alarm is very useful in panic situation and for that matter it is designed with a very shrill sound. It helps in grabbing attention and block attacker in dangerous situation. It is very easy to carry and provide great protection against provokers, and rapists.

 Negligence of government that came into power in ensuring safety for citizens and a host of other reasons can be attributed for escalating rate of crime in our country. And sadly women are the most vulnerable victims. But thanks to the burgeoning market for self-protection spray and other safety tools that has inevitably made things easier for women. Women no longer stay confined in their homes or fear stepping out post dusk.

Pepper spray is by far the most effective and portable safety weapons to help combat dangerous events. You can, however, keep handy any one of the self-defense items to ensure self-protection.