Why You Must Hire A Professional Photographer For Your Wedding


That your wedding is around the corner and still lot of work is to be done and so you are really hard pressed for time and money. This is indeed not your story alone but a common happening as no one can plan an Indian wedding in advance as a lot of last minute changes are being made and you have to shell out money and time for them.

So when it comes to lesser important things (and this is what your family thinks) like hiring a wedding photographer or going for the live music you are asked to compromise. People even come up with ideas like why hire a professional photographer in Delhi when I have a camera and there would be so many people shooting with their mobiles. Nothing can be ridiculous than this advice as there is a lot of difference between shots taken by the professional wedding photographer and your friends and relatives.

While a professional photographer has high-end equipment which gives far better results than all the cameras your family members might have. Moreover, since he is assigned the job he would make sure that no ceremony or function is left out. He would be shooting dedicatedly all your family members and friends involved while a casual photographer from your family may be biased towards a few people giving an only similar picture. These days as the trend is many wedding venues have projectors which run the photographs and videos of the couple live. An awkward photograph on the screen would be ruining your reputation and would be definitely uncalled for.

Today there has been a paradigm shift in the way things are perceived. While in earlier days your pictures were confined to your album but in this digital age and social media they are going to be everywhere in the public domain – on your Facebook page, Instagram,  Pinterest and so on apart from this a well-shot photographer is worth a million likes. If that is not the reason enough then think of these pictures as the only visual images you will have of your wedding twenty-five years from now for you and your children to see.

In fact, I think going for a professional photographer in Delhi is a must as he knows what your relatives and friends would like to see in the pictures. Most wedding photographers in Delhi suggest pre-wedding shoots, which are often part of the package, which add zing to your pictures and make you look your best. They know the angles and capture the chemistry between you and your partner as nobody else can.

For me going to a professional photographer is an ultimate decision if you want to preserve your memories for a lifetime as nobody would like to see poorly lit, shaky hazy pictures taken by wavery hands.