Reliance Jio will Continue Till 31st March : Mukesh Ambani Announces Reliance Jio Happy New Year Offer


Reliance Jio Chairman Mukhesh Ambani Announces, customer can enjoy Free calling, text and data till March 31, 2016.

He also said it’s Happy New Year offer for customers, extending the benefits of the original Welcome Offer which gives Reliance Jio customers unlimited voice calling, text messages and data for free. However the Reliance Jio Happy New Year plan will come with a Fair Usage Police or FUP which will cap data for Reliance Jio customers at around 1 GB per day. The Reliance Jio Happy New Year offer will be free for all customers till March 31, 2017. Mukesh Ambani also announced the company was launching the home delivery of Reliance Jio SIM cards.

Here are the live updates on Reliance Jio announcements by Mukesh Ambani:

    • Jio is now fastest growing tech firm and crossed 50 million users.
    • Jio customer today is consuming data on par with and more than sophisticated users anywhere.
    • Launched welcome offer to iron out deficiencies. We received a lot of feedback and we have been listening. Working to implement them.
    • In the last 3 months, nearly 900 crore voice calls from Jio to the networks of our 3 largest competitors were blocked.
    • Over the past months, the call block rate has come down from over 90% to nearly 20% as of yesterday.
    • Jio is not only delivering 4 times more data than all other Indian telecom operators combined but also much faster through puts than any other mobile network in India.

He also said I would like to congratulate Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s bold and historic decision to demonetize old currency