How is Apache Spark Leveraged Across Different Industrial Segments


Apache Spark as an open source analytics engine can process data in large capacities.
Developed by UC Berkeley’s AMP Lab in 2009, Apache Spark is conceived as the largest open source communities in big data. Each engine has its distinctive features that are employed by every business to meet an objective. Similarly, Apache Spark has been employed to meet various business goals. Let’s review some of the Apache Spark use cases.
Streaming data: With abundant data being processed daily, its indispensable for companies to be able to stream and analyze all data in real-time and Spark manages this additional workload. Apache Spark’s ability to process big data streaming simplifies the job of developers as they can use a single framework to accommodate their processing needs.

Machine Learning: With the help of various components of the Spark stack, security providers can conduct real-time examinations of data packets to look for traces of malicious activity. At the front end, Spark Streaming allows security experts to check against perceived threats before passing the packets on to the storage platform. Consequently, security providers can know about new threats as they evolve. This helps them stay ahead of hackers while protecting their clients in real-time.

Apache Spark use cases have varied scope for online companies such as Uber, Pinterest are also leveraging it to stay ahead of other market players. Let’s discuss each of them in brief.
Uber: This multinational online taxi dispatch company collects terabytes of event data from its mobile users. Through the use of Kafka, Spark Streaming, and HDFS, to form an uninterrupted ETL pipeline, Uber can convert raw unstructured event data into structured data as soon as it is collected. It can then use it for further and more complex analytics.

Pinterest – Pinterest too leverages Spark to get insights as to how users all over the world are engaging with Pins—in real-time. Spark enables this social platform to make more appropriate recommendation. This way it helps people to navigate the site and see related Pins to help people select recipes, and also help them decide which products to buy or places to plan for vacation.

Apache Spark has been adopted widely across a vast array of industries like health, entertainment, e-commerce, finance. Major players like Amazon, eBay, Netflix, and Yahoo, just to name a few rely heavily on it for its big data streaming processing capabilities. With big data becoming the norm, Apache Spark will eventually develop its ecosystem rendering versatility. Spark will find use across organizations in a myriad of ways such as maintaining persistently smooth and high-quality customer experience.