Tuesday, 25 September 2018

How Guerrilla Marketing Can Provide Unconventional Results?


When somebody opens a conventional brick & mortar store, this can be quite obvious that what different marketing strategies like Ambush marketing; Guerrilla marketing or Digital marketing can do to make customers talk about as well as shop in a store. While you own the online business which doesn't have any physical destination, this can be a bit trickier to decide between different ways that you can use for your targeted audience.

What is Guerrilla Marketing?

Guerrilla marketing means an orchestrating method with unusual promotional strategies which cost you much more in innovation and time than in real money. If a company is planning to execute this marketing strategy, the tactics will be unexpected and generally attention grabbing. These marketing methods use public spaces, high energy, props, and viral publicity for making the experience interesting and memorable.

Generate Product Interest

If you have a fairly new and small internet-based business, you will get very limited budget and time, which won’t provide clear directions about how should you go to market yourself. If you are creative and actually want to produce huge interest about the service or product you are offering, you can definitely use guerrilla marketing as amongst the main strategies.

Organize an Event

If you are planning to employ guerrilla marketing for your service or product, the best way is to plan an event which will attract maximum attention from diverse audiences. Product giveaways and demonstrations in unanticipated locations can be a good option to grab attention and create hype in an economical way. These types of marketing campaigns have even been coordinated for various mobile technologies and Digital marketing for a better user experience.

Goal is Very Important Here

A guerrilla marketing tactic should have a clear goal to arise from the experiences with personal and stronger personal relationships between a consumer and business. The potential customers need to observe the tactics and feel that the business is showing a new way where it fits with the lifestyle and personality of a viewer. 


Amongst the most significant elements to comprise in this marketing strategy is a powerfully branded message which will echo to the potential customers for longer period of time after getting exposed to this tactic. You should always ensure that all the supporting props as well as collateral supports the message of company’s mission or product, so that the people can relay this message to other people also.

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