Tuesday, 25 September 2018

How Commercial Water Filtration Works ?


The commercial water filtration procedure removes unwanted chemicals, biological contaminants, as well as other mixtures from the raw water and makes it usable for uses like drinking, industrial or scientific applications. Many ways are there for purifying water and which are normally used together for achieving the finest results.

Drinking Standards

Governing agencies set drinking standards for scientific and purity use with setting limits of the acceptable concentration of the contaminants. You have to test water to check it with the given standards. Even clear–looking water could be unclean, and you can’t tell anything just by looking at the water! Water might not be safer to drink even after passing one filtration process.

For instance, boiling water may kill biological substances however it can’t remove the chemical contaminants which might be hazardous if ingested. So, a lot of people install water purifiers at their homes. This gives an additional sense of safety that the water is uncontaminated and safer to drink.

Commercial Building Water Filtration

For commercial usage, the commercial building water filtration procedure usually takes place at the entry of the key line therefore the whole building gets purified water. Different labs usually include point-of-entry as well as point-of-use-filters. It gives purified water to the whole lab and the usage of special filters given at definite points in a line helps in better water purity for particular applications.

The majority of industrialized world is having access of the purified water however millions of people are still not getting pure and clean water. For these instances or with emergencies or disasters, it’s quite possible to arrange a backup commercial water filtration process for making it safe for drinking.

The Process

To do it, filter evident solids out from the water and boil it for minimum one minute. It kills the organisms however won’t remove chemicals. These chemicals could be removed using a carbon filter. If you can’t boil, you can purify it with general bleach with proportion of 1/8 teaspoon for one gallon water and let the water still for minimum half an hour before drinking. Though this is a basic commercial water filtration procedure, it can eliminate numerous dangerous pathogens.


The filtration procedure can be very easy like boiling water or very hard like a municipal treatment plant which treats water through flocculation, disinfection, sedimentation, and filtration. These are the two extreme ends. All these methods work well towards its goal of providing safe drinking water to the mankind. 

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