Tuesday, 29 May 2018

How to Recover your Lost Data from Android?

Technological advances have given us many gifts, and one of them is a smartphone. Nowadays, we depend on them for personal as well as professional activities. With numerous unique features, it almost acts like a small computer. But issues can crop up in any device such as data loss. There can be several reasons behind it like pulling out memory card without shutting down the phone or formatting etc. Sometimes we accidentally delete some data and then panic. Due to lack of knowledge, users usually are not aware that the deleted items can be retrieved with the help of some software for data retrieval. Android smartphones are designed in a way which does not allow access to internal memory. It organizes the data in a similar file structure. If you handle your device roughly then, you can end up losing your valuable information. Internal storage is based on binary encoding which any phone can interpret. When you remove some data then actually you have only deleted a virtual pointer to the information. You can still find that file on your device. In this post, we have described a process through which you can get back your data without any hassle.
There are various options of software available on the internet for data recovery. Search a suitable program such as "Androidphonesoft" and download it. Here the installation procedure must be followed in an accurate way. When the installation is done, look for the recovery option and click on it.
  • Step 2: Run the program and connect your device to PC
After clicking on the recovery option, now you have to attach your device to the computer so that you can proceed further.
  • Step 3: USB debugging
A program can access the internal memory only when you enable the USB debugging on your phone. Here, you need to turn on USB debugging on your device.
  • Step 4: Analyze and scan the internal memory of smartphone
After turning on the USB debugging option, a program will automatically detect the device. It will initiate analysis and scan of the phone for lost or deleted data in internal memory or SD storage. On the home screen of your gadget, a message will come. Here you have to click on "ok." It will allow the software to have authorization in a device. At the bottom of the start screen, you will find an option called "start" on which you have to click. It will start the scanning process which will take only a few seconds. To make sure that the procedure runs smoothly, maintain your device battery levels above 20%.
  • Step 5: Preview and start data recovery
When the scanning is done, the software will show you all the files in a well-organized way. It will include both deleted as well as existing data. Here the files which will be highlighted in red color are the ones which you may have deleted accidentally. Select the files which you want to retrieve and save them on a system. Due to less awareness, consumers search for technicians when they encounter this issue whereas you can resolve this problem on your own. The only thing which is required is the accurate application of this method. If you like this post then never forget to give us your feedback to Daily Khoz.

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