Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Best ways To Increase Your Sales on Amazon or Flipkart ?

Are you a seller on amazon or Flipkart, if yes then obviously you want more sales. Less sales or low conversion increase the problem of any Amazon or Flipkart seller. So, you need to use the smart ways to increase the sales on amazon.

Amazon or Flipkart also want to increase your sales and execute all the best techniques in order to boost your sales, as if you get income then Amazon will also get commission.

Earlier, online shopping was not more popular but now a days, online shopping is rapidly increasing and increasing the competition too. So, you should use different and smart technique to improve your sales.
Here is the some Techniques:

1. Product listing visibility: As you also know that, Product listing visibility is most important things. so, you must have to follow Amazon's guidelines and use the right keywords according to products, product description, product quality images and more.

2. Product information: You should write well information about the products to engage the target audience. You can also hire professional content writer, and publish appropriate and engaging content.

3. Product Listing should be search friendly: When you list your product on amazon then product title should be accurate and user friendly by which user can search that products easily.

4. Product prices Should be Clear showing: Don't hesitate to show actual price because when you list a different price and during booking time price goes up and down then trust will be end. So, mention correct price.

5. Persuade your buyer for repeat orders: You might get more new customer but also keep in mind how you can attract old customer, In that case you must get buyer satisfaction reviews, if you get any dissatisfaction then you must fulfill his requirement first and try to maintain product quality.

6. Display Customer review on Product listing page: when you show product reviews then customer understands you are a professional seller on Amazon. So, it's also important to maintain your product quality.

Besides the above mentioned points, you can also take help of amazon expert or can make your product more branding.

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